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Are you in need of a roofing company in San Antonio, TX? Monumental Roofing Services is one of the best roofing companies around. Whether it be repairing, installing, or replacing a roof, our roofers can do it all. We offer everything from metal roofing to premium roofing installation or repairs. If you want quality service, call Monumental Roofing Services. Call us today at (830) 715-4095 if you need a roofing company in San Antonio, TX.

What Our Roofing Company Offers

Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Repairs and Installations

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Monumental Roofing Services provides installations, repairs, and renovations of metal roofing for commercial and residential buildings in the San Antonio, TX area. There are so many benefits to metal roofing which is why it is becoming more popular. Metal roofs last for 50 years or more, reflect the sun’s rays to keep the building cool and reduce your energy bill, and are extremely durable against weather.  Our roofing company is trained and skilled in various metal roofing installation and repair techniques. If you would like metal roofing repair or installation in San Antonio, TX, call us today at (830) 715-4095.

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation Durable and long-lasting, standing seam is popular for both residential and commercial roofs.
  • Steel Roofing A premium choice among metal roofing, steel can withstand corrosion and rust and withstand severe weather.
  • Aluminum Roofing Aluminum is the lightest metal roofing option and is also resistant to corrosion.
  • Stone Coated Steel If you want all the benefits of metal but not the look, stone coated steel is for you! The coating provides a slate or stone finish with the metal underneath.
  • Corrugated Metal Corrugated metal is seen on everything from industrial to commercial to residential roofs because of its durability.
  • Metal Shingle Metal shingles provide the look of asphalt shingles while providing way more benefits, durability, and longevity.
  • Residential Metal Roofing Want your roof to last for generations? Consider getting a low-maintenance metal roof!
  • Mechanical Lock Metal Roof These snap lock seam roofs are ideal for sloped roofs and are seen more on residential houses that have more angular roofs.
  • Snap Lock Metal Roof Snap lock roofs have seams that lock together to resist water and are seen on flat roofs on commercial and industrial buildings.

Premium Roofing Systems

Synthetic Tile and Shingle Roofs

Our Roofing Company Can Professionally Install Your Premium Roofing System

If you have always wanted a traditional roofing material like slate, wood, or tile but could never afford it, then synthetic roofs are your answer! Monumental Roofing Services installs synthetic roofing materials that mimic the more expensive and heavier original types. Tile and slate are heavy in their real state, and many houses cannot support it or have to get even more installations and repairs to accommodate their roof, driving up prices. With synthetic roofs, the weight is cut by over half, and the price too! If you are interested in getting a synthetic or premium roofing system in San Antonio, TX, contact our roofing company today at (830) 715-4095!

  • Impact Resistant Shingles In an area where hail is common? Impact resistant shingles won’t get damaged from even the worst hail storm.
  • 3-tab Composition Shingles This type of shingle are the most common and affordable due to their multitude of colors and shapes.
  • Architectural (Laminate) Shingles Architectural shingles are higher quality than 3-tab and last longer, so they cost more due to their durability.
  • Synthetic Shingles Synthetic shingles can be made out of cheaper but equally durable materials of slate, wood, or stone to give your home a richer feel.
  • Synthetic Slate Roof Installation Natural slate is extremely heavy and a lot of homes can’t support it. Synthetic slate is a great and cheaper alternative.
  • Synthetic Wood Roof Real wood is a fire hazard, causing many insurance agencies to ban it. Synthetic wood comes with anti-flammable and insect repellent coating.
  • Synthetic Tile Roof Just like real slate, real tile is heavy and expensive. Synthetic tile is a great alternative and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Storm Damage Roof Repair

Roof Repair From Storms and Hail

Our Roofing Company Can Help To Repair Your Storm Damaged Roof

Your roof keeps your family or business protected. Don’t let danger strike by getting repairs to your roof after a big storm. While you may think a passing thunderstorm did no damage, if you see missing shingles or damaged fascia, call our roofing company for repairs! Weather can be unpredictable, dangerous, and tumultuous. Hail can dent or break shingles or metal sheets, wind can blow away roofs entirely! Call Monumental Roofing Services today at (830) 715-4095 if you need storm damage repair in San Antonio, TX.

  • Emergency Roof Repair Mother Nature has a mind of her own, and emergencies happen. That’s why we offer emergency roof repair and disaster relief help.
  • Roof Leaks Repaired / Patched After severe storms, leaks can appear in your roof. Call us to repair or patch the holes.
  • Hail Damage Roof Repair If hail can dent metal cars, imagine what it can do to your roof! Our roofers can repair damaged roofs from hail in no time.
  • Wind Damage Roof Repair Wind can do a lot of damage, too! Blown off shingles or torn away sheets call for repairs from our experienced roofers.
  • Roof Insurance Claims Help We can help you file insurance claims and provide evidence of damages and repairs with our roof insurance claims help.

Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing Services

Trust In Our Roofing Company To Repair or Replace Your Residential Roof

As a homeowner, one of our duties is maintaining our roofs. Roofs protect us from the elements while helping to insulate the house, so when it gets damaged from age or weather, repairs are needed to keep your family safe and the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior looking nice. If you are needing a roofing company in San Antonio, TX to repair or replace your damaged roof, call us today! Monumental Roofing Services has years of experience, is top rated from satisfied customers, and only employs expert and professional roofers to work on your roof. Call us today at (830) 715-4095 to schedule an appointment.

  • Roof Repair Company Our roofing company is trained and qualified to repair or replace even the most complex of roof damages.
  • Roof Installation / Replacement Need a new roof? We can install or completely replace your roof at affordable prices.
  • Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair / Replacement A common shingle choice, asphalt is cheap and popular. Find out if asphalt is the best option for you.
  • Roof Inspections Annual roof inspections keep your home in tip-top shape. We can provide detailed and affordable inspections and repairs for your roof.
  • Roof Flashing Repair Have a leak? Could be your flashing is failing and needs to be repaired. Call us today to book an appointment.
  • Soffit & Fascia Roof Repair Soffit and fascia take a lot of damage protecting your gutters. If you need repairs, we can help!
  • Roof Replacement Full on roof replacements are a big job. Trust in our qualified and expert roofers to give you the best and longest lasting new roof possible.
  • Roof Decking / Sheathing Roof decking is the foundation for your roof. If you need repairs on your roof decking, our roofing company can help!

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing Services

Contact Us for Commercial Roofing

Large-scale projects like roof repair or installation for commercial buildings like churches, apartments, and hotels should not be trusted to just any roofing company. You need experienced roofers who know which type of roof would work for which type of building. Here at Monumental Roofing Services, our professional team has years of experience working on both commercial and residential roofs. If you are in San Antonio, TX and need commercial roofing services, call us at (830) 715-4095.

  • Apartments & Hotels Roofing any facility that contains many families requires specific roofing that our specialists can provide.
  • Church Roofs Are you needing of a new roof solution for your church or house of worship? Our professionals can offer the roofing services you need.

Contact Us For Roof Installations Today

For repairs on your existing roof, or installation of a whole new style of roof, Monumental Roofing Services has got you covered. Our reliable and skilled repairs or installations will allow you to enjoy your roof for decades. We will be happy to help you decide which roofing material, style, and color will be best for your home. Call us today at (830) 715-4095 if you need an expert roofing company in San Antonio, TX to handle all of your roofing needs.