Commercial Roofing in San Antonio, TX

Keep Your Commercial Roofing and Church Roofs Maintained With Repairs From Our Roofers

Most people tend to think of residential roofs when thinking of roof installation or repair, but buildings like apartments and churches have roofs too and somebody has to repair those! Monumental Roofing Services is the company who specializes in both residential and commercial roofing repair, replacement, and installation in San Antonio, TX. Call us today at (830) 715-4095 if you need a roof for your hotel, store, or church installed or repaired.

  • Apartments & Hotels Covering large buildings like apartments and hotels are big jobs. Trust our roofers to get your commercial roofing done perfectly.
  • Churches Keep your congregation safe with a properly installed roof from our roofers.

Roofs For Churches and Hotels

Commercial buildings are way bigger than residential homes as they have to hold a lot more people, therefore requiring more roof to cover them. This enormous amount of roof can get damaged quicker if it is a flat roof, as water seeps into one spot and weakens the area around the leak, causing holes. Shingles can blow off any roof if the weather is extreme enough. Many church and hotel roofs are built with metal due to the lower maintenance costs, durability, and energy savings.

Churches: If you have a heavy cross on your roof, the weight of it can weaken your roof quicker. Look for damaged shingles and the age of your roof to see if you need repairs or replacement. A metal roof can withstand the weight and is commonly used on temples and mosques due to its strength. If your congregation has grown and you need a bigger space, Monumental Roofing Services can install more durable commercial roofing for your church in San Antonio, TX.

We Can Install or Repair Hotel and Apartment Roofs

Apartments & Hotels: Nothing is more annoying than going to a hotel and being able to hear your neighbors due to lack of proper insulation. Getting the right roof installed can eliminate this noise problem and also help with ventilation which is extremely important when trying to regulate temperature and air flow for hundreds of people. Flat roofs are commonly seen on hotels due to their affordability, but are prone to leaks. Alternative commercial roofing options for hotels are shingles, metal, or rubber coatings. Call Monumental Roofing Services at (830) 715-4095 to find out which type of commercial roofing type is best for your hotel in San Antonio, TX.

Call Us Today For Commercial Roofing Installation

Commercial roofing projects are big tasks, so don’t leave them to amateur roofers. With Monumental Roofing Services, you can trust our professional and experienced roofers to help you choose the best roof for your business and to properly install it so that it lasts for its full lifespan with minimal maintenance. Call us today if you need commercial roofing installation or repair in San Antonio, TX.