Standing Seam Metal Roofing Services

Do you own a home or business that requires a durable roof? Getting a roofing material which can manage strong winds and severe weather is vital. Nevertheless, many buildings have roofing systems installed that require a significant amount of maintenance which can be difficult to deal with for some customers. Monumental Roofing Services provides a variety of metal roof types including standing metal seam roofs, a popular metal roof option for homes and businesses. If you want standing seam metal roof installation in San Antonio, TX, or you are interested in finding out more, get in touch with our roofers at (830) 715-4095!

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

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Made from two metal panels constructed vertically on the roof decking, standing seam roofs are one of the more reliable and low maintenance roofing systems available. Due to the panels and seams that make up this metal roofing system, you have no need to worry about water leaking through. Additional benefits include customization to set your home apart as well as a surface that naturally deters UV rays keeping your house cooler. With all the noteworthy benefits including energy savings, low maintenance costs, and a long lifespan, standing seam metal is definitely an excellent choice for a new roof. With metal roofing, you can typically anticipate tax breaks, as well as decreased insurance rates, in addition to the 50 year lifespan.

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While a standing seam metal roof might have a greater upfront cost compared to traditional roofing options, it is generally accepted that these systems are in fact more cost effective long term. A lot of metal roofing systems can last for fifty years or more and do not have the same maintenance needs of asphalt shingles. Not only that, the stability of the roof means you have extra security from the elements and natural disasters. If you are considering standing seam metal roof installation in San Antonio, TX, call now at (830) 715-4095. You can rely on the pros at Monumental Roofing Services for excellent work and a dependable roof that holds up for years. Call us now to get started!