Synthetic Shingles Repair

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Homeowners who want an updated roof become confronted with a lot of choices. Different varieties of roofs have their benefits and drawbacks, and we try our best at Monumental Roofing Services to assure that any clients understand the choices before them. Synthetic shingle roofs are a fashionable option for restoration and new roofs alike. If you need a roof that has luxury charm at an attractive price point, then synthetic shingles will do well.

Monumental Roofing Services goes above and beyond for its customers in San Antonio, TX, and is the superior local provider for roofing services. Should you decide to choose synthetic shingles, you can count on masterful installation from our superior workers. For a more dependable, long-lasting roof, you must have top-flight installation service. With us, you never have to be concerned that a shoddy installation has lowered the value of your roof. Homeowners who need synthetic shingle repair or installation in San Antonio, TX can reach out to the nearby leaders at (830) 715-4095.

The Pros of A Synthetic Shingle Roof

Wood, slate, and ceramic materials all can be sufficiently emulated through synthetic shingles. High strength and a low price offer two chief benefits of synthetic shingles when contrasted to these luxury materials. Synthetic shingles also supply a bunch of fortitude when faced with harmful weather, a further positive that will save residence owners from an abundance of repairs. Even more beneficial aspects exist for synthetic shingles, factors that will surely prove convincing for skeptical homeowners.

Style and Appearance: Once placed on a home, you can notice just about no distinctness between synthetic shingles and their counterparts in ceramic or slate. You should also count on finding the appropriate shingles to match your home’s appearance, as synthetic shingles are available not only in varied colors, but different shapes as well.

Synthetic Shingles Are Great Roof Protection at Half The Price

Lightweight: With synthetic shingles, you never need to confront the weight concerns identified with slate and ceramic options. The heaviness of tile and slate leave them impossible for some buildings, while others require special renovations to accept the weight. Synthetic shingles leave no weight issues for a building. The light weight also allows for a more rapid application.

Durability: Synthetic shingles offer almost unparalleled staying power. Crumbled slate, rubber, and steel unite for a long-lasting material that will last for many years. Property owners will save a great deal of money on service costs with shingles such as these that remain attractive year after year.

Synthetic Shingle Choices For Your Roofing System

At Monumental Roofing Services, we sell synthetic shingles that have the look of three varieties of materials: slate, tile, and wood.

  • Synthetic Slate Shingles Synthetic shingles can almost flawlessly take on the look of stone or slate. Aside from their almost exact look, synthetic shingles are much lighter.
  • Synthetic Tile Shingles For an updated look, give consideration to synthetic tiles. Also, collisions will not endanger these tiles with shattering.
  • Synthetic Wood Shingles Wood shakes and shingles are a handsome choice that requires a good deal of maintenance. A deficiency of these service needs make synthetics an appealing alternative to wood.

We remain prepared anytime at (830) 715-4095 to answer queries or commence a synthetic roofing project. A lone expert exists for synthetic shingle installation and repair in San Antonio, TX: Monumental Roofing Services.