Reliable Roof Decking

Regardless of the type you purchase, the foundation of any new roofing type is one of the most critical parts for the durability of the system. You may have heard of roof decking or roof sheathing before, and each of those names refer to a roof’s foundation. In regards to defending your home against leaks, your roof decking material will play a large part in that too. There are tons of roof decking options in San Antonio, TX, so to discover more, give our experts a call at (830) 715-4095 now! The professionals at Monumental Roofing Services are prepared and able to help with any of your roofing needs.

Why Is Roof Decking Important?

Decking Is Providing A Solid Foundation For Your Roof

As we briefly mentioned earlier, roof decking plays a few different roles in the defense and support of your roofing. Before the installation of roof decking turned into standard practice, it was pretty common to experience roof failure, along with serious leaks and damages over the lifetime of the roof. Roof decking has added to the lifespan of roofing systems across the industry, and it’s now included in all industry practices. The sheathing of your roof is a great platform to securely attach roofing materials such as felt and shingles, though it is important to make sure that the decking you choose is strong enough to support the weight of the roofing material you choose. Other than supporting the weight of the roof system, your sheathing will also need to support anything that might end up falling atop of your home’s roof system. If the roof system were to get struck by tree branches, or any other objects, a properly-designed roof sheathing system would be more than enough to support that weight evenly.

Service You Can Count On

While, as professional contractors, we here at Monumental Roofing Services think that all components of the roof are vital, we can agree that roof decking is the most important. Whatever your needs are, from repairs to installations, call us at (830) 715-4095 for help with roof decking in San Antonio, TX. Our professionals can help you answer any questions, as well as provide you with high-quality services.