Wind Damage Roof Repair

Severe Wind Can Blow Off Shingles and Knock Trees Down Onto Your Roof

Concerning storm destruction on our roofs, individuals tend to think that only rain storms and hailstones are able to inflict a ton of damage. While a bit of damage will be inflicted by hailstones and rain storms, high winds are what usually do the most harm to a roofing system or house. There are a few sections on your roof that will obtain damage by high wind. Flashing, insulation, and decking can become sensitive to strong winds since they can be effortlessly lifted due to strong winds, which will then cause water to enter your house and expose you to leaks, mildew, and rotting wood.

Not only do property owners have to worry about high winds harming the actual roof, but there is also the concern of strong winds directing limbs and debris onto the roofing system. Limbs are able to scratch up the surface of the roofing, remove shingles, or have entire limbs fall on your roof. Rubble, on the other hand, will cause clogs in your gutters that will make water pond on top of your roofing system. One more aspect to think about is that as a roofing system ages, so does the security that it provided to your home.

Do you require roof wind damage repair in San Antonio, TX? All of the repair services you want to get your roofing system back at its best are available with Monumental Roofing Services! Devised to repair and bolster your roof, our roof wind damage repair will restore your home’s protection. Our expert roofers are always ready to chat with you about your roof wind damage repair! Contact us today at (830) 715-4095!

Wind Damage Inspection

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There is a quick inspection you can complete to determine if you require roof wind damage repair for your home. Check your roof system and assess if any material has been removed or unsecured. When these bits are broken off by high winds, it leaves your roof unprotected from more damage. If you observe curling, damage, or water on your roof system, it is a sign that there may be a leak in your roofing structure. The roofing system structure may also have scoring visible from any strikes from trees or debris from the last storm. While there is plenty of immediately visible damage you may find on your roofing system, some damage can lie unseen below the layers of your roofing structure. For an inside inspection, take a look at your roofing structure from within your attic to find any leaks or damage not readily visible from the external inspection. It is critical to make sure all roofing damage is identified and noted, so have one of our skilled roofing contractors inspect your roofing today. Roof wind damage repair completed by our team gets your roofing back to its best and reinforced against the next storm. For your roof wind damage repair in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area, contact (830) 715-4095 for Monumental Roofing Services.